Partner resources

We are actively updating our partners with the latest information available to all of us, sources for PPEs, training opportunities, etc. We’ll continue to update this site regularly.

Here is a one-pager for our ambulance companies. If you only read one thing – this should be it!

Steps to ensure you’re prepared to transfer a suspected COVID-19 patient:

  1. The ambulance team is properly trained to screen and carry suspected COVID-19 cases in addition to how to put on and take off PPE.
  2. Equip ambulance teams with PPE: rubber gloves, disposable gowns, surgical masks, N95 masks, goggles, and rubber boots.
  3. Roll out dispatcher protocols to add case definition into our line of triage for early alert of suspected cases.

Steps to ensure your hospital is prepared:

  1. Set up a separate hotline to notify the intake desk of potential cases coming inbound to the hospital.
  2. Set up a triage desk outside of the hospital and measure everyone’s temperature before coming into the hospital or clinic. There needs to be a strict management of patients into the facility or even outside staff and visitors. If anyone has a fever, put a mask on them and immediately put them in isolation to then proceed with triage to rule out if it’s not a COVID19 patient.
  3. Establish an isolation ward and separate entrance for suspected patients to use when entering the hospital and minimize any interaction with other patients and physicians.
  4. Set up additional ICU and HDU beds, if possible to absorb the likely increase in critical cases.
  5. Purchase additional ventilators due to the increased demand in the coming weeks for critical care patients with COVID-19.

Available suppliers of PPE (note: this changes daily):

  • Chandaria Industries for the purchase of disinfectant and surgical masks – +254 723 414 172, +254 733 872 828
  • Harleys LTD for the purchase of disposable gowns, gloves, and surgical masks with eyeshields – +254 20 4261000, +254 722 202030, +254 773 106 788, +254 737 203030
  • MEDs (must be pre-registered) for the purchase of gowns, gloves, and surgical masks – +254 719 086 105, +254 730 160105
  • KEMSA (must be pre-registered) for the purchase of gowns and masks – +254 719 033000

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