Mapping Our COVID-19 Response

Mapping Our COVID-19 Response

Mapping Kenya and the COVID-19 Response

Data plays an important role in today’s fight against COVID-19 — shaping national and regional lifesaving policies around the world. One of the most powerful tools in this effort are maps that visualize how COVID-19 is spreading and how healthcare capacity tracks against the virus growth curve. The John Hopkins COVID-Dashboard is an example of just how influential and informative maps have been during this pandemic. They help inform the public and guide policymakers.

Here are the maps we created at to help inform our COVID-19 rescue operations. We’re using them to plan and share our data with partners also working on COVID-19 response.

“How is fighting COVID-19 in Kenya”

Our team at, the largest network of first responders in Kenya, compiled several Kenya-specific maps that highlight the capacity, capability and availability of health services throughout the country. The maps can help inform where investments are needed and assists in planning an effective COVID-19 response. Particularly, we’ve looked at response capacity for places without hospitals with Intensive Care Units (ICUs) or where healthcare is absent altogether.

To facilitate rescues before the pandemic, we maintain a database of healthcare facilities and their capabilities. This info is readily accessible through our Flare Dispatch technology in realtime, and helps our dispatchers route ambulances to the closest and most appropriate hospital during an emergency –  e.g., we will send someone with a brain injury to a facility with a CT scan and neurologist.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been working with public and private facilities to add COVID-19-specific information – such as the most current number of ventilators – to our healthcare database. We’re sharing these maps to make this information readily available to our partners and customers. They show our up-to-date picture of Kenya’s COVID-19 response and readiness, and we will be updating them regularly as more information becomes available.

Please let us know if you have data you think we should add to these maps. We’d love to hear from you and engage with anyone working in the fight against COVID19 so we can work together to assess expected challenges and galvanize efforts to respond.

Here are a few more maps that we have found useful:

Explore our maps of COVID-19 in Kenya here.

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