Virus locations and travel info

Kenya suspends all international travel starting Wednesday, March 25th at midnight.

Latest information on Kenyan measures to contain the virus

Track the current spread of the disease

A dashboard of the up-to-date distribution of cases.

Click here for a comprehensive list of countries with current infections.

Travel advice: travelling to Kenya


Starting at 12 pm on Sunday, March 22nd, no passenger flights are allowed to enter or leave Uganda airspace.

For the latest information on travel restrictions check out Uganda MOH site.


For the latest information on travel restrictions check TZ MOH site.

There is an increased risk of airlines cancelling services due to lack of demand. You should check with your airline carrier for up-to-date information about any travel restrictions.

Travel advice: Travelling from Kenya

On the 12th March, Saudi Arabia halted flights from Kenya.

On the 22nd March, Emirates suspends all flights to and from Kenya.

From the 25th March, all passenger flights from Kenya will be suspended.

How to stay safe whilst travelling

Global and domestic travel has been identified as a high-risk activity during the coronavirus pandemic. Click here for helpful advice on how to lower your risk of infection during international travel.