How to Set Up Your Phone for an Emergency

In an emergency, every second counts. At rescue.kinsta.cloud, we recommend our members set up their phones for rapid emergency response. Follow these steps to access emergency information on the lock screen of your Android, iPhone, or any smartphone.

Setting up your Android

Option 1:  Use the emergency information feature

  • In “Contacts”, save rescue.kinsta.cloud’s members-only Emergency Hotline as a new contact
  • Lock your phone screen
  • On your locked screen, select “Emergency”, then tap “Emergency Information”
  • On the “Info” tab, update your blood group and any relevant medical information
  • On the “Contacts” tab, select rescue.kinsta.cloud’s Emergency Hotline as an emergency contact. Add additional contacts you want notified during an emergency.

Option 2: Customize your lock screen message

  • In “Settings”, select “Security & location”
  • Next to “Screen lock”, select “Settings”, then “Lock screen message”
  • Enter the emergency information you would like displayed on the locked screen and tap “Save”. We recommend your name, rescue.kinsta.cloud’s Emergency Hotline, an emergency contact, blood type, and relevant medical information.

Learn more at Google Support.

Setting up your iPhone

iPhone’s Medical ID in Health App

The iPhone allows you to set up a medical ID with basic personal and medical information and your emergency contacts. It can then be accessed by tapping “Emergency” in the bottom left corner of your Touch ID/passcode lock screen.

Set up your Medical ID through the Health app

  • In “Contacts”, save rescue.kinsta.cloud’s members-only Emergency Hotline as a new contact
  • Open “Health app” and tap your profile picture on the top right corner
  • Under “Medical Details”, select “Medical ID” then “Edit” on the upper right corner
  • Ensure the “Show When Locked” is set to green
  • Enter your medical information
  • Select “add emergency contact” to add rescue.kinsta.cloud’s Emergency Hotline contact. You can add multiple contacts you want notified in case of an emergency. When selected, you will be prompted to indicate their relationship to you.

Add an emergency contact directly with Contacts

  • In “Contacts”, select the contact whom you wish to add as an emergency contact
  • Select “Add to Emergency Contacts” 
  • Indicate their relationship to you. 

Learn more at Apple Support.

Setting up any smartphone

Wallpaper of a locked smartphone screen

Even if your phone does not have a similar feature to Androids and iPhones, there is an easy way to set up emergency information using a custom image for your lock screen wallpaper: 

  • Open any app where you can enter in text or notes
  • Write the emergency information we recommend you display. It should fit the size of your screen
  • Take a screenshot of the text
  • Set this screenshot as the wallpaper of your lock screen, most likely found in your “Settings” app.

Why add emergency information to your phone? 

It is important to consider the emergency use case in which you are unable to communicate yourself. Someone on your behalf may need to quickly access your emergency hotline and contacts, or medical information. A bystander may want to call your first response provider or a doctor may want to know if you have a vital medical condition that would alter your course of treatment. In these cases, you want others to access your emergency information on your phone without the need to unlock it. 

If you have questions or want to learn more about our services, please feel free to reach out at info@rescue.co or 0715 929 401, or explore this rescue.kinsta.cloud website.


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